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How balloons can help your work force's mental health?

Updated: Mar 11, 2020

AHHH - The humble balloon! For generations people have used balloons as a source of decoration and entertainment! Did you know that the first balloon was made by accident by a scientist

Professor Michael Farday in 1824, when he was testing how far he could stretch latex with hydrogen, a pretty fab discovery hey?

Balloons have brought joy to every one for nearly 200 years!

Recent research has proven that a vibrant workspace boosts team morale, and increases staff productivity resulting in less sick days, and also adds to better mental health and well being - All that from a balloon you say?

Studies from 2014-2018 have shown that a simple balloon increases happiness levels by up to 35%, making space around feel lighter, and happier just imagine how your workforce would feel in social and common areas with one of our bespoke balloon displays?

Focal points, create talking points meaning staff will integrate with each other more, ultimately developing a stronger relationships which in turn translates in to a work force who are more willing to work more as a team!

The opportunities are endless when creating and we are happy to work with you to find your perfect balloon display!

Lets work together let share the happiness with a simple balloon !

Take a look at our 'Jazzing up your work space' page for some inspo!

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