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Clients Favorite's

"Life is like a balloon, if you


never let yourself go, you'll


never find out how far you can rise"

The Balloon world just got that little bit better....



Here at Imagination Creation HQ, we love backdrops, these are a fantastic event prop and are versatile for so many events, like product launches, weddings, baby showers, birthdays- you name it! Whether it's creating a focal point for photographs, displaying wedding or birthday cakes or creating a welcome point for your guests our backdrops can be designed and personalized to suit any event or theme. Each one of our backdrops is unique to you and can be personalized with text, colors, and accessories.

Organic Balloon Garlands

Organic balloon decor is a beautiful style of sculpture that attempts to mimic the beauty in nature with organically placed balloons throughout the piece. Our organic decor is put together with a number of irregular sized balloons organically placed together. These garlands are elegantly sculptured and moulded to any shape offering style, class, and sophistication to any venue, event or workplace.

AND our garlands are charged by the meter so you can have them as long as you like, with a 2 meter minimum.